Professional Publication in NEKA (National Academy of Handball)

On the request of NEKA, our professional publication entitled ’Innovative Technologies and Methodological Innovations in Recruit Education’ appeared in the January issue of NEKA.

NORT Complex won the title ’ Best of the Best’  at the world’s most prestigious Concept and Design Awards

The team of Flying Objects design studio won the best of concept and design awards, the Red Dot with its smart training system. designed and developed by Hungarians. Nort Complex has obtained a highlighted category, ’Best of the Best’,  with the studio’s smart system – an award that can be won by only 1% of the applicants.


The thinktank of Nort Complex, Roland Német, is a football coach himself, who, besides making his work easier, wanted a device that develops the players’ cognitive, psychomotor and communication skills even more efficiently. In this way,  Nort Complex has become a system based on visual signs,  Flying Objects made the design, and Cad-Terv its engineering part.


Nort Complex consists of displays surrounding the football pitch (1-8 pcs), it is directed by a tablet application as the brain of the  system and can be used easily and simply. The system can be used in  the trainings of the youngest as well as at the highest professional level.


The displays can be found at head-height with the same level of the players’ sight. The signs keep the players’ attention alert helping them to focus and be reactive


As for the device, Flying Objects did not only create the design but also assisted in creating the app as well as in its testing. The system was created in close collaboration of football coaches, psychologists, engineers and designers as a result of hundreds of hours of testing. The system has been available for use since the autumn of 2021 in football trainings, too.  

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