About Us

Introduction – Concept and philosophy

N.O.R.T. Complex Football is a workshop of skills- and personality development for individuals and small groups, working on the basis of tailored training plans for small children and adult sports people alike, taking individual age appropriate characteristics into consideration. The methodology of the workshop specifies the training of individual skills with its concept starting from the system of basic skills that make up the personality,: focuses on the development of cognitive, psycho-motor (conditional and coordination), and communication skills respectively, in sport-specified environment. Parallelly, it pays significant attention to strengthening the participants’ self-confidence, developing their personalities, thus helping individuals to be more self-assured and succeed in self-fulfilment.


Our workshop, founded in July, 2017, is constantly expanding in respect of our services and numbers. Currently 300 sportsmen from more than 30 associations attend our sessions. The number of our trainings is limited. (Venues: Marczibányi tér: 2 × 8 people at best, Pasarét: 2 × 10 people at best), with the trainings lasting 60 minutes. Group development is always with two coaches. Our trainings are held three times a week in Buda, a five-minute walk from Mammut Mall, Millenáris park, in Marczibányi Sportscenter (16. Marczibányi tér, 2nd District ) on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.


In our constantly developing world we strive to use innovative methods to develop skills that create personality. These skills serve as the founding basis of our educational system. Our workshop follows a special syllabus. It develops sportsmen in a complex way with multifunctional target areas, self-developed, patent-protected light sources  in which the cognitive, psychomotor and communication segment is presented according to the type of sport.