Summer Camp 2023


ARÉNA Törökbálint (1.Torbágy utca, 2045 Törökbálint)


1st CYCLE: June 26-30 2023. From Monday to Friday between 09:00-16:00 in day care system , (arrival between: 08:45-09:00)

2nd CYCLE: July 10-14 2023. From Monday to Friday between 09:00-16:00 in day care system , (arrival between: 08:45-09:00)

About us

N.O.R.T. Complex Football is a workshop of skills- and personality development for individuals and small groups, working on the basis of tailored training plans for small children and adult sports people alike, taking individual age appropriate characteristics into consideration. The methodology of the workshop specifies the training of individual skills with its concept starting from the system of basic skills that make up the personality,: focuses on the development of cognitive, psycho-motor (conditional and coordination), and communication skills respectively, in sport-specified environment. Parallelly, it pays significant attention to strengthening  the participants’ self-confidence, developing their personalities, thus helping individuals to be more self-assured and succeed in self-fulfilment.


The base is the 4500-sqm Aréna Törökbálint – the region’s one and only, unique covered (even in summer) multi-purpose sports ground with air-conditioning. The sports ground provides numerous possibilities for campers: football on artificial grass, sports floor, futsal, cageball , table tennis , functional gym.


Address: 1. Torbágy utca, 2045 Törökbálint (Aréna can be found next to the Törökbálint AUCHAN, at the junction of M0-M1-M7 highways, with direct passageway from the hypermarket)


Playing area: 2  fields with artificial grass of 20 by 40 m in size + 1 futsal court + 1 cageball court



Address: Törökbálint Sportközpont (Sports Center) (6. Óvoda u. 6.2045 Törökbálint)



Three meals a day are provided. Children get fruit as morning and afternoon snacks, while for lunch they receive two-course lunch consisting of quality food intended especially for sportsmen. Fruit consumption is possible all day (banana, apple, pineapple, peach, plum, melon, etc.) Drink supply is considered a priority, so still mineral water is available for everyone all day in unlimited amounts!



Age group: for children between 06-14 yrs.


Price: HUF 70.000/week (HUF 14.000 /child/day)


In case of siblings, the attendance fee for the second child is HUF 65.000 /week.


The price includes three trainings a day ( 3 times 1 hour a day, divided through the week: two sessions with lamps, one two-goal game + cageball + teqball), use of fields with artificial grass with all the service facilities, swimming pool tickets, special skills development, meals three times a day (fruit provided all day, two-course lunch, unlimited drink intake) and 1 pc of NORT Complex T-shirt.


Registration (by indicating child’s name, age group and chosen Round):